Tori’s Painting Passion

Painting has become a passion of mine.  I love to take a furniture piece and transform it into something completely different. Painting is also something that I wish I had more time to do. I am learning to schedule it into my day so that I can fully enjoy the process.   Continue reading


30 Days of Decluttering

Out with the old year, in the with the new! As we say goodbye to 2016, there is no better time to declutter your home and life. It always feels so good to start fresh in the new year with some organization! We have compiled a list of 30 things that you can purge during the month of January, or whenever you have the time. Hope this helps spark some ideas of ways you can get control of your clutter as you go into 2017!

img_0036 Continue reading

A Dog’s Purpose

During the craziness of the Christmas break, I took my daughter, Olivia, and my Spanish daughter, Cristina, to see the new movie Sing. By the way, it is a great movie that I would highly recommend. While watching the movie, a few times I caught myself wanting to applaud the performance. Then remembering it wasn’t a concert and people might stare at me if I started to clap. So I refrained from embarrassing my daughter and kept my hands quiet. 🙂 Continue reading

Hello, December!