Tori’s Painting Passion

Painting has become a passion of mine.  I love to take a furniture piece and transform it into something completely different. Painting is also something that I wish I had more time to do. I am learning to schedule it into my day so that I can fully enjoy the process.   Continue reading


Slime is ALL the Gooey Craze!

If you have kids, you know there is always some latest fad going on. Whether it’s from YouTube, their friends or something they’ve seen on TV, suddenly you find yourself running to the store to purchase the supplies for the next creation. This month the frenzy is over… wait for it…SLIME! Can’t say that us parents get what all of the hoopla (shows I’m such a Mom by using that word, LOL) is about, but we can tell ourselves it’s like a science experiment so they’re learning along the way. Continue reading

Valentine Mason Jars

This is a simple Valentine craft with adorable results. I love crafts that don’t take a lot of time and effort but still can be gifted and put a smile on someone’s face. Plus I am super thrifty so I love a craft that doesn’t break the bank. These jars would be perfect for your child’s school teacher or your bestie – let’s face it, anyone would love this Valentine treat…. it’s chocolate!! Continue reading

Valentine Sneak Peak…

We have a lot of fun goodies and treats coming up for Valentine’s Day over the next month. I thought I’d give a sneak peak on one of the crafts I’ve been working on so you can get a jumpstart on yours if you’d like. This would also make a great anniversary gift or just a token of affection for your significant other. The sentiment could also be changed to whatever is more fitting for the occasion. Continue reading

Melted Plastic Cup Ornaments

Over the holidays, while visiting with friends, we had such fun making these plastic cup ornaments. They are truly fun for all ages – the moms had just as much fun as the 1st grader, tweens and 13 year old! The beauty of this craft is that you can be as creative as you’d like or keep them simple. And they only take a few supplies and not a lot of time! Plus the “magic” of watching them melt is sure to get lots of “oohs” and “aahs” from everyone. Continue reading

When Good DIYs Go Bad…

Sometimes the DIYs on Pinterest are so cute and give you so much inspiration that you must try it yourself. I was recently inspired to make a creation… a creation from pumpkins. I had some really great-looking pumpkins that were leftover from the Fall decorations. I found this idea of using them and making a snowman. So, I thought, why not repurpose them for Winter?  Continue reading