Tori’s Painting Passion

Painting has become a passion of mine.  I love to take a furniture piece and transform it into something completely different. Painting is also something that I wish I had more time to do. I am learning to schedule it into my day so that I can fully enjoy the process.  

Instead of buying a new piece of furniture, I love to give a piece new life just by changing its color. If you are like me, I tend to change my decor a lot but my budget doesn’t allow me to always buy new.

I have owned this buffet for a long time and have moved it several places within my home, but it needed a facelift. So I decided to add some color and make it more of a statement piece in my dining room. I love the end result and how it works with the rest of the room. This is a great way to change the decor without breaking the bank.

The cabinet was a purchase we made over 10 years ago and although I still loved it, the color was no longer fitting in. So I decided to paint it a cream color with some distressing and antiquing.  The end result is a complete transformation from how it once looked. I absolutely love the new look!

I have the most creative fun when I can take two different objects and make them into something that is unique and beautiful. The photos below are of a piece I did using the bottom of a stool. The top was a drawer from an old desk. I married them together and decided to give it a fresh coat of marshmallow and antiqued distressing. This can be used for a planter, an end table in a living room or a bed side table. I did not keep this piece for myself, but instead I sold it…I wish I still had it!

~ Tori


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