Practice What I Teach…

One morning as I was getting ready for my day I opened my makeup drawer and thought, “WOW! This drawer looks awful”. As a personal organizer I would never allow a client to get away with such a mess. Then I remembered the declutter list that we featured earlier this month ( and realized I need to listen to the practices that I teach. So I began examining my products and, one by one, began tossing the expired, broken, gunky (I am not sure this is a word but they were gunky, LOL!) and rancid items. The items pictured below in the sink are the ones I threw away… that’s a lot!

After everything was removed from the drawer, I could see how dirty it was. Plus the organizer was filthy, too. I was horrified that I was using products on my face from this drawer and organizer.

I scrubbed both areas and I cleaned the makeup and brushes that I am keeping. I placed them neatly back in the drawer and felt such a relief that everything was clean, organized and easy to use. Now I was ready to finish my morning routine and get on with my day.img_0044

~ Tori

Resource: When to throw makeup away


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