When Good DIYs Go Bad…

Sometimes the DIYs on Pinterest are so cute and give you so much inspiration that you must try it yourself. I was recently inspired to make a creation… a creation from pumpkins. I had some really great-looking pumpkins that were leftover from the Fall decorations. I found this idea of using them and making a snowman. So, I thought, why not repurpose them for Winter? 

I started by laying out my drop cloth, pumpkins and spray paint. I sprayed the pumpkins with 2 coats of white paint until they glistened and looked beautiful. I asked my husband if he had a wooden rod that we could place through them to create stability as I didn’t want them to topple over. However, he offered a better idea: he said we could caulk in between each pumpkin to secure them in place. I was hesitant, but agreed. They looked perfect!

I ran out of time that day so I decided to finish decorating them another day. Well the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season swept the days into weeks until the next thing I knew, the faceless snowmen started to get droopy… and then the head fell off, followed by the toppling of the rest of the body. FAIL! I was so confused by this. The pumpkins were rock solid when I started. The weather had been very cold so I knew they didn’t become mushy from the sun’s heat, but they were a soggy mess! What went wrong??  This was a big FAIL!




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