30 Days of Decluttering

Out with the old year, in the with the new! As we say goodbye to 2016, there is no better time to declutter your home and life. It always feels so good to start fresh in the new year with some organization! We have compiled a list of 30 things that you can purge during the month of January, or whenever you have the time. Hope this helps spark some ideas of ways you can get control of your clutter as you go into 2017!


  1. Wrapping paper scraps
  2. Broken Christmas lights/decorations
  3. Old magazines
    • Solution: Tear out pages you’d like to save for inspiration and place them in an organized binder.
  4. Paperwork & receipts
  5. Junk mail
    • Solution: Shred
  6. Expired coupons
  7. Plastic shopping bags
    • Solution: Most grocery stores have a recycling bin upon entering specifically for plastic bags. Simply bring them along on your next shopping trip!
  8. Boxes
    • Solution: Recycle
  9. Store Rewards cards
    • Solution: There are many apps available that allow you to store your reward cards by scanning in the barcode. Then you can show your phone to the cashier at checkout. Saves a lot of room on your keyring and in your wallet. Check out the Key Ring app in your App Store.
  10. DVDs, CDs & books you no longer use
    • Solution: Donate to your local thrift store or a used book store. Sometimes libraries will accept donations as well.
  11. Product samples
    • Solution: If you don’t think you’ll ever use them, then toss them out. However, these are also a good solution to use in your travel toiletry bag.
  12. Expired medicine
  13. Empty or almost empty product containers
  14. Makeup you no longer wear or that has expired
  15. Old toiletries
  16. Candles you no longer enjoy
  17. Old electronics
  18. Tarnished jewelry or jewelry you no longer wear
  19. Tattered shoes
  20. Clothing you no longer wear
    • Solution: Donate
  21. Old belts
    • Solution: Donate
  22. Scarves you will never wear
    • Solution: Donate
  23. Unmatched socks
  24. Frayed/old towels & washcloths
  25. Old sheets & pillowcases
  26. Delete irrelevant contacts from your phone
  27. Business cards
    • Solution: Toss the ones you no longer need. For those you frequently reference or think you might, add them as a new contact in your phone.
  28. Delete duplicate and/or bad photos from your camera and/or phone
  29. Unsubscribe to company/store emails
  30. Knickknacks that are not sentimental to you

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