A Dog’s Purpose

During the craziness of the Christmas break, I took my daughter, Olivia, and my Spanish daughter, Cristina, to see the new movie Sing. By the way, it is a great movie that I would highly recommend. While watching the movie, a few times I caught myself wanting to applaud the performance. Then remembering it wasn’t a concert and people might stare at me if I started to clap. So I refrained from embarrassing my daughter and kept my hands quiet. 🙂

Before the movie started, we watched the upcoming previews. One preview in particular touched my heart – A Dog’s Purpose. I am a huge animal img_0026lover, with dogs holding that special place in my heart. I have 2 English Bulldogs, Oscar and Otis, who are my loves. So as I watched this movie trailer tears started to well up… I was hooked. I must see this movie when it debuts!


Fast forward to later this same day… I am in the magazine section of the grocery store and there, on the shelf, I see a novel entitled A Dog’s Purpose, by W. Bruce Cameron. I am instantly happy! Now I must read this book before the movie comes out. As I put the book into my cart, I do a little happy dance in the aisle. Stay tuned for my review after I read it.
~ Tori


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