These are a few of our favorite things…

To help you, our new readers, get to know each of us better, we thought it would be fun to tell you about some of our favorite things that excite us, motivate us, or keep us going. We’ll call this Favorite Things, Volume 1, as there are sure to be more to share with you down the road! 

Lindsay’s Favorites: 

The first of my favorites helps me begin each day. I couimage1ld not function without my coffee in the morning. Now coffee might be my ultimate favorite thing, but I will be a bit more specific: the Nestle Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamer that goes in my cup of coffee. Even more specifically, the Sweet Cream flavored creamer. It gives me just the right amount of sweetness and helps to jump-start my day. Is it bad that I actually wake up each morning looking forward to that first sip? It also makes me feel better that it says it’s made with only milk & cream and sugar, no GMO ingredients. And I thought I died and went to heaven when Target started carrying the larger-sized 32 fl. oz. containers. Previously I was only ever able to find it in 16 fl.oz. and that just was gone too quickly. As you can see, it’s it’s the little things in life…..

image1-copyOnce I’ve fully caffeinated myself for the day, I’ll move on to my next favorite thing (actually this is 2 favorites that I’m bundling as one). In the last year or so, I have become very loyal to my Perfectly Posh products. If you have never heard of this company, they sell products to pamper yourself that are made from natural ingredients and all in the U.S.A.! Plus, every one of their products is under $25 – major score in my book (and wallet)! There are many Posh items that I am currently using, but part of my daily skin care regimen are the BFF Exfoliating Daily Face Wash and the Night & Day Natural Face Moisturizer. Both leave my face super clean feeling and moisturized without the greasiness you sometimes feel. If you want to learn more about Perfectly Posh and their products, go to

Fall is by far my favorite season and honestly “ALL THINGS FALL” could summarize my favorite things. I am currently obsessed with Bath & Body Works’ Pumpkin Apple scented candle. A friend introduced me to this scent and I’ve had it burning in our houimage1-copy-2se all season long. It just smells like such Fall goodness that I will probably continuing using these candles until the New  Year. And full disclosure… I’m so obsessed with this candle that when Bath & Body Works recently ran one of their candle specials I ordered 3 more for next year because I was afraid they might not have this same scent – don’t judge. 🙂

Another Fall flavor I recently discovered are the pumpkin scones at Starbucks. YUM! A pumpkin spiced scone dipped in white icing – need I say more? I have had my fair share in the last couple of months and they do not disappoint. It may be a good thing that for my waistline that they have now moved onto the holiday season menu favorites. I’m sure it won’t be long before I discover a new favorite for Christmas…. oh look, Chestnut Praline Lattes!

image2Crafting is one of my favorites and I couldn’t live without my different adhesives for all of my paper-crafting needs. It’s all about the right tools and materials when you’re doing any project. I have my 3 trusty types of adhesive that are my “go to’s” for most things: Glue Dots, Tombow permanent adhesive and Stampin’ Up! Fast Fuse. They all serve their own specific purpose, but they’re staples in my crafting tool belt at all times. For more information on Stampin’ Up! products, check out

Tori’s Favorites: img_0009

There are certain things that I am always drawn to or can’t live without.  One of my most favorite things is my Waxing Poetic Charm Necklace. I wear it every day with everything. I have a initial charms for my husband and daughter, a bulldog face for my 2 bully boys: Oscar and Otis and a paw print for my cat, Rosie. I also have charms with the sayings “Love Conquers All”and “love you to the moon and back”. The latter actually isn’t a WP charm but my daughter gave it to me and it’s my favorite. The necklace is a combination of gold and silver and I can make the chain long or short…. so perfect!

Sometimes I hear “I saw this and it so remiimg_0014nded me of you”. Usually it is said about a pair of driving moccasins. To say I am obsessed with these loafers is an understatement….. I love, love them! They are super comfortable and, let’s face it, at this point in my life comfort is a must. I have a few pairs in different colors and am always on the look out for more. The colors are really fun to wear to add a pop of color to any outfit!
Along with dressing for comfort is the versatiimg_0010lity of hats and scarves. Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t always have time to wash our hair in the morning. A hat is perfect for this occasion.  Whether it’s a baseball cap, derby, fedora, sun hat, beanie or a cowboy hat, you can look super cute without spending a lot of time getting ready.

img_0011How do you dress up a plain tee or add a little pizazz to any look? I love to layer any outfit with a scarf. And I have just a few to accessorize with! LOL! No matter what material – cotton, wool, cashmere, or silk – a scarf aways gives any outfit a finished look. No matter the season a scarf is the perfect accessory and is a must have!

When it comes to my favorite things, (although I don’t like to refer to them as things) my English Bulldogs top the list. Oscar is 2 years old and Otis is almost 3 months old.  I am totally in love, head over heals,  obsessed, passionate, addicted to my boys. Actually bulldogs, in general. If I am driving, walking or sitting at cafe and I see one of those beautiful faces I must meet them…i t’s my mission. So if you see a crazy woman running to meet your bulldog……. she is most likely me!img_0012


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